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The Mad Knight's Universe
/!\ PLEASE do NOT use my art without my permission, Thanks. I already post my drawings on my Tumblr (link below)/!\


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I was tagged by :iconarvaleeknight: Thanks buddy! :D

1. Name 13 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 13 questions that the person who tagged you provided
3. Come up with 13 questions
4. Tag some peeps

Facts :

  1. I'm interested in a lot of things (art, abyss, space, human mind, mythology, dinosaurs, science (biology mostly), psychology, other cultures, video games, history, ...) 

  2. I'm not really a clumsy person but I broke my ankles twice (at each ankle, so 4 in tall) and my left forearm once.

  3. I'm right handed (I try to not broke my right hand or forearm). But I can also draw with my left hand.

  4. I love nature. Like a lot.

  5. I have 3 others first names. 

  6. I have a sleeping disorder called sleep paralysis. (If you want to know what is it, Wikipedia is always here to answer your questions :… ) When it happen to me I usually hear a very loud purring (so when a cat purr on my lap I'm not really relaxed XD). Less often I hear the loud purring and see a skinny creature sit on top of me who tried to strangle me. 

  7. I mostly sleep on my belly (to avoid sleep paralysis).

  8. I have a dog named Kenzie, she's a Border Collie.

  9. One of my dream is going to space.

  10. French is my first language.

  11. I'm 21 years old.

  12. I'm listening to music all the time.

  13. If I have to choose between Assassin and Templar, I'll choose Templar.

ArvaleeKnight’s Questions:

1. What character (any fandom) do you feel like you relate to most? 
Shay Cormac. This guy is just me if I were a boy! Fighting for good causes, determined, always enjoying friends company, ... And I would act like him if I were in the same circumstance he have been.

2. It’s the zombie apocalypse! CHOOSE A WEAPON! WhAT iS IT? 
An axe! I'm always choosing heavy weapons. In second choice I chose a crossbow because it's quiet and you can shoot by far and it's to be considered in a zombie apocalypse!

3. Do you have a favorite quote? What is it and why?
I don't really have one. But recently when somebody tells me "good luck" I'm used to reply "I make my own luck" (Get off of my head Shay!)

4. What is your favorite fighting class out of a game of your choice?
Berserker (in Terra for example).

5. Do you have any long term goals planned?
Yep, I really want to work in a video games enterprise, and work on the researches for the design of the environment and on characters. 

6. What is your favorite romance movie/book?
That question is really hard, because I'm not used to watch a lot of romance stuff, or reading some. I'll choose "Gone Girl", it's more a thriller movie but it's the closest to a romance that I really enjoy.

7. QUICK! You must now choose to become a supernatural creature! What have you chosen?
A water dragon!

8. If you have to choose a last meal what would it be?
Probably something very typical of my country (Belgium), like mussels and french fries.

9. What animal would you choose to turn into should the opportunity arise?
An eagle! Since I'm very young I always dreamed about flying (So it's not only because of Assassin's Creed). Or maybe a shark because I LOVE the sea and the sharks are my favorite animals with eagles.

10. You must sacrifice your most prized possession in order to continue living. WHAT IS IT? AND WOULD YOU SACRIFICE IT OR DIE?
That's another hard question. I'm not really a materialist person... I'll say my father's watercolors because it's a part of him and it's one of the rare thing I had from him. It's like he is still with me when I'm in my room (they are pinned on the wall). I could sacrifice myself for Art, but I think my father wouldn't have wanted me to sacrificed myself for those paintings so I'll probably sacrifice it.  

11. Your favorite OTP out of the fandom of your choice:
Shay and Haytham. I ship them a lot XD 

12. What five colors best describe who you are or the background of your life?
Black (I'm always wearing one black garment at least), forest green (It's kind of representative of my character, I'm rarely stressed), drak-red (that's the color who describe me when I'm angry. It's really rare but when I am it's not half. And I'm not a person who forgive easily), and I don't find any other, sorry!!

13. Hypothetically, if someone looked your name up in the dictionary, what words would they find there to describe you?
This one is hard too! I'll say what people used to tell me : Humorous, good drawer, kind (sometimes too much), obsessed ( when I like something there are no half measure XD) 

My questions:

  1. Your favorite color and number? Why those one?

  2. What's your best memory as a child?

  3. Sugar or salt?

  4. If you have to take only one thing with you on a island what would it be?

  5. You have to choose to live in the universe of a game, a TV series, a manga, a book or a movie, what is it? 

  6. How do you feel in a crowd?

  7. Are you playing any games? If yes, which one? 

  8. What's your biggest fear?

  9. What's your favorite movie and why?

  10. This is your last day on earth, what will you do?

  11. How many languages do you know (even if it's only a few words)? Which ones?

  12. Do you have some pets?

  13. What are your qualities and your faults?

I tag :

:iconyanagi-no-yume: :iconladyangelus: :iconbloubell: :iconvickystrife: :iconcheratan: :iconmedusamacabre:

If you don't want to do it, you don't have to of course :)

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  • Playing: Warframe
  • Drinking: Ice tea


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